Sun City Shalom Club


The SHALOM CLUB - A Brief History

Shortly after Sun City opened, a small group of residents with common interests would gather to discuss current issues and topics of general interest, or to relate stories of being contacted by prospective homebuyers looking for information concerning the lifestyle in the Low Country.   Those gatherings led to a May 12, 1998, organizational meeting attended by twenty-seven residents and resulted in the formation of The Shalom Club, now a vital part of the community with a membership over 500 residents of Sun City.

Since then, the club's meetings have featured diverse programs, speakers and activities.  Authors have come to discuss their books, musicians have come to allow members to enjoy their talents, and local residents from outside our gates have come to relate their experiences while growing up in the Low Country.  Military personnel have addressed the group, and clergy have come to help us understand the diverse culture in which we live. Social events ranging from ice cream parties to "latkes and hamantashen" have brought our members and guests together just to enjoy each other's company.  Trips to local museums and other venues have broadened members' understanding of their environs.
While primarily a social organization, The Shalom Club has many examples of its active participation in community life.  Following the September 11, attacks on our country, the club organized a Solidarity Gathering for Sun City, and a year later erected a more permanent symbol--a memorial designed by one of the club's members, funded by members and friends, and placed on land donated by the Community Association.  The club has worked with organizations such as the Veterans Association Color Guard during community activities, with the Woodworkers and Modelmakers Guild to provide two see saws to Sun City's children's play area and partnered with the same group to create a candle holder that can be made available for events such as Memorial Day or 9-11 Remembrance Day. In its attempts to support the surrounding community, the group has contributed funds to the Bluffton Library, Savannah College of Art and Design, offered scholarships to Bluffton High School graduates and given honoraria to guests and speakers for their favorite organizations.

The members of The Shalom Club look forward to continued growth and participation in the wonderful Sun City lifestyle and welcome all residents to participate. Meetings are held once a month except for July and August.

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