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Welcome to 
the Shalom Club of Sun City Hilton Head

Our Purpose is to encourage understanding among all members of all faiths in the Sun City community.

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This is a closed group page, you must have your personal FB page, be a member of the Shalom Club and a resident of SCHH.


 remembrance of  911 and the many first respondents to this horrific event, Shalom Club donated many years ago and maintains a memorial plaque in the common area in front of the Purrysburg Fitness Center.  The Shalom Club annually makes sure that this area is maintained and flags are placed at this monument on 911.   Etta Yospa has agreed to chair this year's  committee to continue the upkeep and decorating of the monument as well as be sure that the personal and other first res-ponders of the fire station out side of the Sun City gate are  provided a meal at the time of 911.  The Shalom Club Board of Directors would like to request some volunteers to help Etta this year.  If you would be willing to help Etta and be part of her committee, could you contact her at
Thank you
Shalom Club BOD

Guests are welcome for three meetings after which we invite you to join us!

Our dues are $15 per person, payable to the Shalom Club. 

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