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Welcome to 
the Shalom Club of Sun City Hilton Head

Our Purpose is to encourage understanding among all members of all faiths in the Sun City community.

All upcoming events will be at Pinckney Hall at 7:00

It's Summer!

Our next meeting will be September13 at Pinkney Hall.

Please consider volunteering for a leadership position in the Shalom Club, 
we will need new leaders as of January 1, 2018.
Contact Ellen Dutka 843-70-9982

Thanks to all for a great year.

Guests are welcome for three meetings after which we invite you to join us!

Our dues are $15 per person, payable to the Shalom Club. If you would like to become a member, contact membership chair person Betsy Parisi, 26 Bailey Lane. Phone 843-707-1452, email is Please bring your checks to join or renew your membership. Remember to wear your name badges!

For more information about the Shalom Club, contact:
Ellen Dutka, President or Betsy Parisi 843-707-1452 or email at
For Good & Welfare concerns, please contact Ruth Fenster 843-705-2562; email is
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